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Storage Bucket Grain Jar

Storage Bucket Grain Jar

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Bullet Points:
1. Safe Material: Made of high-quality PP material, this rice storage bucket does not contain harmful substances or emit any peculiar smell. You can store your rice with confidence and peace of mind.
2. Freshness Guaranteed: With a sealed design that effectively blocks air and moisture, this rice storage bucket can keep your rice noodles dry and fresh for a long time. No more worries about moisture and dust ruining your food.
3. Easy to use: This rice storage bucket adopts the push-type automatic rice discharge design, which is simple and convenient to operate. You can be discharged with just a touch, avoiding waste and overflow.
4. Visible design: This rice storage bucket is equipped with a transparent window, which allows you to see the remaining amount of rice noodles at any time. This is convenient for you to check and replenish your food supply without opening the lid.

5. Hygienic Design: The rice storage bucket has a smooth and flat surface with no dead corners, making it easy to clean and dry. You can simply wipe it with a damp cloth and keep your rice fresh and safe.


Keep your rice and noodles fresh with our sealed, press-type rice container storage! Made from safe materials, it doesn't contain harmful substances and has a remaining amount display. Easy to clean with a damp cloth.


1. Product name: Rice Storage Bucket
2. Material: PP
3. 5kg size: 30.5*17.5*28cm | 12*6.89*11in
4. 10kg size: 30.5*17.5*41cm | 12*6.89*16.14in
5. Color: Pearl White, Mint Green
6. Function: fly-proof and moistures-proof, transparent and visible, easy to clean

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