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JarMagic: Transforming Your Creams

JarMagic: Transforming Your Creams

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Key Features:

  • Elegance in Every Detail: Our cosmetic jars exude luxury and refinement, ensuring your creams are stored in style.
  • Preserve Freshness: Crafted with precision, our jars are designed to maintain the potency and freshness of your beloved creams.
  • Versatile and Functional: Whether you're a skincare enthusiast, DIY creator, or a professional in the beauty industry, our jars cater to all your needs.
  • Endless Possibilities: Transform your creams into a work of art with our stunning jar collection.
The A model is the top out of the top, and the B is the side outlet.
1. Pour the paste into the vacuum bottle 
2. Tighten the cap and gently press 
3. Tap the back paste to automatically rise 
4. When you use it, close the bottle cap and you can take a warm reminder: 
1. Do not use hot water to boil. After receiving the goods, rinse with water and dry. 
2. The vacuum bottle does not have a straw, and it needs to be filled before it can be pressed to cream/liquid.
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